Friday, March 19, 2010

Must-have Firefox plugins


This is probably the best plugin for web developers. It allows you to edit, debug, and monitor CSS, HTML, and JavaScript LIVE in any web page. You can hover with your mouse over the page and click any element on the page for inspection. The corresponding HTML-code will be displayed.

Web Developer

This is also a great plugin for web developers. Almost just as useful as Firebug. It adds a toolbar to your browser to access various web development tools. The tools include tools to manage: redirection, cookies, CSS, Forms, Image, and more... Great to be used together with Firebug.

Fasterfox Lite

This addon allows you to easily tweak many network and rendering settings to improve the browsing speed of your browser. When installed, a little timer is displayed on the bottom of the browser to measure page load time, which is very useful to get a sense of the performance of the site.

HTML Validator

This addons adds HTML validation capabilities to your browser. The number of errors will be displayed in the status bar of the browser as an clickable icon. Click to icon to view the source of the page. The errors will be high-lighted.


This addon is great for monitoring or debugging the traffic between the web server and browser. It can show: request and response headers, cookies, querystring GET/POST parameters, and response body.

IE Tab 2

This addon can be used to use the IE rendering engine in a Firefox tab. Useful for testing IE-browser compatibility.


This addon makes it much easier to view the source code of external JavaScript of CSS files linked from the web page. You can access them from the context menu, from the toolbar, from the view menu, or from the status bar.

Vacuum Places Improved

This addon defragments the Firefox URL database, which reduces the lag while typing an URL in the address bar. It also reduces start-up time of the browser.

Adblock Plus

Tired of advertisements in web sites? This addon can help you block commercial banners and even video commercials that preceed the actual video you want to see.

Easy Youtube Video Downloader

This addon adds additional direct download buttons to YouTube, which makes it possible to download the video in: FLV, 3GP, MP3, MP4, 720p HD and 1080 Full-HD formats. Perfect for saving the video locally.

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