Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Configuring an Oracle DataSource on Glassfish

A DataSource connection has important advantages over the use of DriverManager:

- The use of logical names in the application, instead of using hard coded database addresses (in property files)
- Connection pooling managed by the container
- Distributed transactions managed by the container

To configure an Oracle datasource on Glassfish, follow the following steps:

1. Copy the JDBC driver of Oracle to the lib directory of your Glassfish installation directory.

2. Restart Glassfish.

3. Login to the admin page.

4. Browse to the Connection Pools page (Resources -> JDBC -> Connection Pools)

5. Create a new connection pool by clicking on New.

6. Give the pool a name (NOT prefixed with jdbc/), choose oracle.jdbc.pool.OracleDataSource as resource type and Oracle as vendor.

7. Now click next. The driver class is automatically detected, so it's automatically filled in. Next, make sure you fill in the properties: user, password and URL.



8. Save and ping to see if it works. If so, the pool is ready to be used.

9. Now browse to the JDBC Resources page (Resources -> JDBC -> JDBC Resources).

10. Create a new JDBC resource by clicking on New.

11. Fill in the JDBC resource name (prefixed with jdbc/), and select the newly created connection pool in Pool Name. The DataSource is now ready for use.

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