Friday, August 13, 2010

Mind mapping with FreeMind

Mind mapping is a learning method that uses tree-like graphs to help your brain to structurize information visually. The brain is better at remembering visuals than words.

As an experiment, I am using mind mapping to prepare for the Sun Certified Developer for Java Web Services(SCDJWS) certificate. I will publish this in the future. Unlike the traditional way of drawing mind maps using pen and paper, I'm using a tool recommended by a colleague. The tool is called FreeMind and can be downloaded here.

The first impression I got, was the compact way of storing a lot of information. Thanks to the possibility of folding away information nodes, to hide related information, and zooming in the information by unfolding directly connected nodes.

Although mind mapping is originally a learning method, I find it's also suited for storing information you regularly need in a structured way, because it makes the information much more "findable".

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