Friday, September 17, 2010

Number of Sun Certified Enterprise Architects (SCEA) in the world

According to this topic, there are over 5900 SCEAs in the world. Below is an incomplete list of the numbers of SCEAs per country.

Argentina: 14
Australia: 107
Austria: 27
Belgium: 52
Brazil: 200
Canada: 435
China: 138
Denmark: 58
Finland: 45
France: 45
Germany: 276
Hong Kong: 146
India: 421
Italy: 46
Netherlands: 142
New Zealand: 28
Norway: 47
Sweden: 72
UK: 348
Uraguay: 1
USA: 2334

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  1. Hello, congratulations for being a java certified architect, i already passed the part 1, and tomorrow i will take part 3 and send my assigment, i hope to get certified by the end of this month and have access to that linked in group, this was a very nice experience the road to the certification, i really like it, do u know how many certified architects there are in Mexico?? thanks for publishing this list , i was looking for this for a long time